Snapchat Fame


The concept of taking a photograph or video and immediately destroying it would, a few years ago, seem insane and incredibly pointless. In the Victorian times, one would not pose for an oil painting, write a message along the front and paint a funny face across it only to send it away with a self-destruct command set ready to implode after ten seconds of viewing. When we watch a video we view it multiple times until its either comical or emotional effect wears thin, but with Snapchat we gaze at pictures and laugh at videos with the complete understanding that we will never see them again.

From what I’ve witnessed on Snapchat, it is an app that allows people to unleash some of the weirdest and most bizarre acts from the dark and twisted depths of their psyche for a maximum of ten seconds. We can personally save our own pictures and videos but others only see them once. I have also received thousands of picture snaps, from one to ten seconds, from conversational to argumentative and from slightly fun to mind-bogglingly peculiar. Perhaps after years of watching celebrities make us laugh and sharing strange videos from around the world we have decided to take comedy into our own hands and create our own material.



Vine has also shot up in the world of self-made fame, regular everyday people around the globe, now have thousands to millions of followers that watch them post six-second videos of observational comedy and wacky clips. Even Instagram has joined this craze allowing users to create short video clips and edit them together to a 15-second long piece. Vine, Instagram and Snapchat offer filters and features to make the videos and pictures more entertaining and visual.

We are racing forward with technology, 3D entertainment, Touch screen compatibility and motion sensor gaming but perhaps we are taking a step back and enjoying our friends and our own comedy. We are always looking for a new celebrity crush, innovative comedy legend and groundbreaking new actors but finally we are just entertaining ourselves and others. We are around tables at pubs, sitting alone on trains, lying in bed bored and walking home from our daily tasks snapping, filming and sharing our strange observations, odd thoughts and animalistic movements.



When I snap, I’m usually bored. I have a vast number of people that I will send some of the strangest snaps to, some you have seen in this article. I impersonate people, animals and sometimes create beasts and terrifying characters. I’m proud of my snaps, to me, Snapchat is the perfect place to perform small bursts of hilarity and madness to a personal audience that understand my humour and enjoy it. I also have a fair few Snapchatters that send some creatively different pictures and horrify me with some eye-opening displays of foolishness.

Snapchat has been described as a social network and I agree. I use it to communicate, to share where I am, what mood I’m in, what I’m doing, I ask where others are, and what they are up to. It is an application that allows people to network and share. It is a comfortable platform where you can share but not publish, once sent it will be received and forgotten (unless pictures are screenshot). We are forever documenting our every step but Snapchat allows us to confidently take pictures without having to edit and control it, we can freely snap and share.


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